The Fine Print

it is mighty fine

Our nominal ticket fee covers honorariums for the talented folks sharing their skills with us and supports our event costs during these uncertain times. The majority of the funds generated by our event go towards honorariums for the folks involved in it. For attendees, we offer regular price, sponsor/supporter and financial hardship ticket options to try to cover as many types of situations as possible. Because of our low pricing structure and the ability to reach across long distances, our first Homebound event was the most inclusive and accessible event we have ever hosted.

We welcome consenting adults (age 18+ in the United States, 18+ or your legal age of consent if you live somewhere it is higher than 18) of all backgrounds, ethnicities, interests and abilities who can support our event code of conduct and neurodivergent folks are welcome! 

A limited number of sponsored tickets are available specifically for Black or Indigenous People of Color through a donation fund supported by several of our presenters from our last event matched by our event. If more folks are interested than we have tickets for, those tickets will be awarded by random drawing.