Join us starting late June for the bondage conference that is “Knot-for everyone.”

Top, bottom, and switch education with Western, kinbaku, & other styles in an inclusive sex-positive social(ly distanced) space!

Join Us for ROPECRAFT Homebound This Weekend!

Get Knotty From the Comfort of Your Couch!

Our final weekend features classes with Eternal Angel, Nil, Shay, OkieNawa with Midori and William W. and Miss Acacia along with the Flow Erotic Cabaret and Afterparty featuring the talents of Ally, Ina Pickle, Shay, Nil, Blk_Diamond, The_Miss_E, Midori and More! Come join us!

If that’s not enough, if you pick up tickets today, there’s still time to join in on our official scavenger hunt!

The Fine Print

Our nominal ticket fee covers honorariums for the talented folks sharing their skills with us and also contributes to our event’s various software fees and storage costs during the pandemic. In the interest of full disclosure, this is really new for us. We expect there to be at least one technological meltdown, two accidental pantsless broadcasts and a lot of learning! Iteration is sexy. Come join us!

Homebound Presenters Include:

–Ronin– & ADelightfulPain
Blk_Diamond & TheMissE
Ina Pickle
Jake Wing
Kasai Usagi
Kim Lee
Miss Acacia
Mx Bliss
River Fern
Worldsokayestropebunny & GentLeeBrutal

A Note for our Knotty Friends

Due to COVID-19, our in-person events have been postponed as long as they need to be to take care of our attendees and support ethical public health practices. In the interim period, we are moving our social and educational opportunities online to help make the world a hotter and knottier place how we are currently able to. We cordially invite you to join us for ROPECRAFT Homebound starting this June and to attend our events in person again when gathering in great big sexy groups is possible! 

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