ROPECRAFT Chicago, Memorial Day Weekend MAY 25TH – 28TH, 2018

Join us for the bondage conference that is “Knot-for everyone.” Top, bottom, and switch education with Western, kinbaku, & other styles in a sex-positive inclusive & consent-focused space!

  • 4 Nights of parties
  • Dedicated photo room
  • Special Interest Spaces
  • Graydancer’s Cabaret
  • …more!
  • 3 days of Classes
  • Custom-built frames
  • Catered Meet & Greet
  • Midnight Master Classes

Tickets for Chicago, May 25th to 29th, 2018 $179.99

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It’s a new approach for a kinky bondage conference.

Featuring classes and play time centering around:
Shibari, Western Bondage, Power Exchange,
Solo Tying, Health, & PLAY.

“It’s KNOT – for EVERYONE.”


ROPECRAFT was born out of a simple idea: Let’s make a rope convention we’d really want to go to. That’s why we have integrated diversity and consent culture throughout. This includes things like:

  • The Ropenspace: On Monday there will be a facilitated self-organizing peer education event, run on Open Space Technology, with all the ROPECRAFT instructors in attendance.
  • Consent Rocks, our Incident Response Team: Think of them as Consent Incident First-Responders, with a side of being that negotiation wingman you’ve always wanted.  Find out more on their site right here!
  • Special Interest Groups: Want to have a supportive space for your group to meet and discuss? We will do our best to make time and space for that to happen. Just let us know!


We will have as many nights of SEX-POSITIVE play space as we can. That means THREE NIGHTS in San Antonio and FOUR NIGHTS in Chicago! Most of the beautiful rigs and lighting have been custom-made, with rock-solid suspension frames, tripods, crosses, benches, and more. We’ll also have some more traditional equipment for you Old-Guard rope types. The play spaces will have plenty of room for floorwork, self-suspension, or even non-rope play if that’s what you’re looking for. Want to brush up on your skills before the party? A 24-hour practice room is available. We always have the popular RopenSpace event on the last afternoon of the con as well as other special events.


Our rope education track is not just a re-hash of what you’ve seen before. Beginners are welcome to learn the fundamentals of enjoyable rope bondage, and experts are welcome to challenge themselves with cutting-edge content and the opportunity to learn and create from other world-class talent.

We look for innovative classes from new presenters and new classes from innovative presenters.

But Wait, There’s More

We really, really want to see you at both events. One way we try to make this more affordable is by reducing the cost of another event you might be considering in 2018 – a GRUE.

Graydancer’s Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza, or the GRUE, happens in cities all over the U.S. and occasionally Canada or even Europe. You can find out where at, but odds are if you come to ROPECRAFT you’ve heard of it. The first GRUE of 2018 happens January 4th in Los Angeles.

Here’s the good news.

If you were planning on a GRUE in 2018, then buying a combo ticket to both ropecrafts gives you a Single-Use GRUEden Ticket. That reduces your regular GRUE ticket price to zero.

That’s right. FREE. There are two small catches: like the Combo Ticket, this is not transferable, and it doesn’t include RambleGRUE. But that’s it! You can come to one GRUE of your choice plus both ROPECRAFTs in 2018 for less than $100 per event. Best of all, your GRUEden ticket takes effect as soon as you purchase the combo ticket – and that means you can even use it for GRUEs in 2017 in places like Cleveland, Austin, or Kansas City! More GRUEs are announced all the time at .

World-Class Teachers

Presenters with a broad rope bondage curriculum including:

  • bottom-focused classes
  • fusion bondage
  • predicament play
  • performance
  • advanced self suspension
  • and much more.

State-0f-the-Art Playspace

  • Three nights of parties
  • Thousands of square feet of Dungeon Space
  • Custom-made frames & equipment
  • 24-hour practice space
  • A Ropenspace led by Naiia
  • Special Events!
  • Professional photographers

Community & Connection

  • Catered Meet & Greet with performances
  • Special focus rope playspaces (queer, leather, etc)
  • “Listening Room” for Special Interest Groups
  • 24 hour Practice Space
  • Pre-Certification for Advanced Classes
  • Exquisite “Vendors Gallery” featuring fantastic equipment and deals.
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