The Flow Erotic Cabaret ROPECRAFT
Austin 2019 Halloween Edition


My name is Madame Posh and this year ROPECRAFT has bestowed upon me the joy of hosting RopeCraft’s Premier Weekend Entertainment: THE FLOW EROTIC CABARET!!

The Flow Erotic Cabaret (ROPECRAFT AUSTIN edition)!

I’m posting today to announce an OPEN CALL FOR TALENT for performers, to JOIN US on stage, Saturday, OCTOBER 5TH at ROPECRAFT AUSTIN 2019


or just fill out the form below!

Burlesque, song, dance, comedy, aerials (that will work on a rope frame), and yes… perhaps a bit of rope and kink! And ABSOLUTELY all of the Halloween you have to bring! I personally celebrate Halloween the whole month of October and ROPECRAFT’S EROTIC CABARET believes the same way; so be free to be spooky and extra weird! 😉

If you’ve got an idea, BRING IT, now’s your time to shine!

Rookie performers and seasoned veterans are welcome to apply!

“How do I apply, dear Posh?”, you may ask.

WELL!! There just so happens to be a site for that.

Submitted your application by filling out the details on your proposed performance by CLICKING HERE and we’ll be in touch.

Applications are due SEPTEMBER 7TH, so don’t delay and get in on this!

I’m looking forward to seeing all the talent we have in the ROPECRAFT fold in my inbox soon! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here on Fetlife or at

Your humble Special Events Coordinator,
Madame Posh