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Ropecraft Chicago 2022 Classes

Presenter or Teaching PairClassDescriptionClass TypeParticipation?LevelSupplies and Prerequisites
StrangerFriend"Hammock"-style Self-SuspensionAlready familiar with tying basic harnesses and uplines? Interested in self-suspension, but not sure where to start? Curious about an efficient, straightforward way to get yourself into the air? This class is for you! This face-up, horizontal, "Hammock"-style self-suspension is a comfortable-(ish) starting point for a variety of transitions. This class will include very brief refreshers of a basic chest harness, hip harness, hangars, and uplines, and then a walk-through guide of getting into a "Hammock"-style self-suspension.suspensionask
StrangerFriend"Left-Brained" Connective RopeDon't like improvising? Find comfort in planning ahead? This class explores an alternative strategy for cultivating emotional connection in a rope scene. Unlike many connective* rope classes, this one does not focus on improvisation, but rather on learning how to create a personalized rope "sequence" to find emotional satisfaction with a partner. Previous familiarity with a single column tie is helpful.

*"Connective rope" does not necessarily mean sensual, heavy, or sexually intimate rope. All styles of enjoying emotional satisfaction (including giggle-fits!) with your partner are welcome.
floorworkaskAll Levels
Miss AcaciaA Non-TK Suspension SequenceManipulate, move and control the body through a sequence of transitions using an arms free chest harness and various other ties. This sequence has been ideal for those bottoms new to suspension transitions, giving them some freedom to actively help their own bodies while still allowing the rigger to control and manipulate them. This sequence moves through face down positions to inversions and then to face up. It allows the bottom to experience differences in angles and body sensations while playing with thigh compression, futos and even a little bit of waist rope. suspensionHands OnIntermediate/AdvancedPrerequisites: You must have some suspension experience building anchor points, locking off ropes and know your up-line management. You will also need to be able to tie a suspendable futomomo and a suspendable arms free chest harness. This class will teach an appropriate thigh harness.
ZiaLucinaaerial introcoming soon - it's knot quite ready yetOTHER
Sarah SloaneBeyond Consent: BDSM and AbuseThe classic concepts of abuse and abusive relationships are more confusing when regarded in the context of power exchange relationships and alternative sexuality. We engage in – and condone – relationships that, on the surface, may appear abusive, however we understand that consensuality is the key to the difference. But what happens when the behavior becomes abusive? How do we respond, as individuals and as a community? How can we identify abusive behavior beginning in our own relationships, and how do we define the difference to others? What is informed consent – and how do we deal with impaired consent? We’ll start the discussion, and provide some concepts to help you frame (or reframe) your thoughts, both as a kink practitioner and as a community member.discussiondiscussionAll Levels
Jake Wing and Sleepless SirenCreativity, Connection, Flow, and Edgeplay
So, you know the basics of Rope. Now what? I’ll give you some ideas.
So, you tie, but it seems like a mechanical assertion of skills. I’ll show you how to build and maintain connection with your partner.
So, you tie, but it’s not graceful. I’ll show you how to keep the rope flowing and I’ll show you an exercise that helps practice both connection and flow.
So, you’ve heard that there are some things you shouldn’t do in rope, but they’re HOT, so you do them anyway. I’ll talk about ways to do some of those things more safely.
discussiondiscussionAll LevelsYou should have a thorough understanding of basic bondage techniques and safety and thoughtful awareness of your own risk profiles.
Kasai UsagiDemystifying Neurotypicals: Autism and RopeAs research and acceptance around autism grows, so does the number of people properly diagnosed. Kink attracts people with autism because of its connection to sensory input, explicit communication boundaries, and out-of-the-box thinking. In this class, Kasai Usagi will go over fundamental vocabulary concerning neurodiversity, briefly explain how neurodiversity merges with social constructs, give explicit accommodation methods for how people with differently-abled brains can negotiate a rope scene, and recommend specific considerations for both sides of the slash. The last 30 minutes or so of the class will be opened up for group discussion. Class will model specific accommodations for neurodiversity including visual aides, flexible seating options, explicit verbage, and chunked instruction to allow for processing time. Lecture/ DiscussionDiscussionAll LevelsInstructor would like to notify those attending the class who classify as "neurotypical" (as in, no specific neurodivergent diagnosis) please make space for their neurodivergent classmates by accepting these accommodations without comment.
MidoriDynamic Rope Play - Dominance and Control MovesLearn effective rope moves to enhance and make hot play.
Whatever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost the emotional and psychological intensity. In this hands-on class you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for the top side and bottom sides.
Whether you enjoy Kinbaku, Shibari, Westen, Predicament, Damsel in Distress, Take-downs or Confrontational play, these techniques will integrate well into your fun!
floorworkHands OnAll LevelsBring: One or two lengths of rope that you usually play with. If you’re not sure, bring two or three lengths of 20 to 30 feet of ropes. If you don't have rope, there will be some available to borrow.

Wear: Comfortable clothing that's easy to move in.
MxBlissFit to be tied: the art of finding, vetting, and negotiating with your rope Top(s)This is a class for people new to rope bottoming, looking to get tied for the first time, or have been enjoying rope for years but are looking for more consistent positive bottoming experiences. MxBliss will walk through the life cycle of 1) finding safer rope Tops, 2) vetting and rigger due diligence, 3) making the ask, 4) negotiating a rope scene, and 5) creating mutually satisfying rope relationships. We will also discuss what to do when things go wrong. Using Mx Bliss’s Rope Negotiation framework as the cornerstone, we will discuss how you can be a more empowered rope bottom and ask for what you want/need in rope. And as an added feature, we will go over basic rope bottoming safety tips and self-check practices so you can better protect yourself (and your rope Top).discussionLecture/WorkshopFundamentals
SkylaFlirting for the Socially AwkwardOn Fetlife, Ok Cupid and various other social networking sites, creepers are a commonality. They send graphic and unsolicited messages, they don't read profiles, and they make inappropriate assumptions. Many of us can agree on this. However, what about the well-intended folks that might be slightly socially awkward, shy, or otherwise unsure how to not come off as the dreaded "creepy" person. We will investigate questions such as: "how do I get invited to play parties and keep getting invited back?" And ""Why do "nice" messages sometimes go unanswered?"" During this session, attendees will learn appropriate and respect ways of approaching, negotiating and interacting with fellow kinksters. We will refine our current techniques while having a good laugh over some of the missteps we've all made. In addition we will practice drafting messages that may get a positive response and appropriate munch/non-play party event behavior and how to guide new attendees or yourself into this direction.
discussionWorkshopAll Levels of AwkwardPlease bring an open mind and a good sense of humor!
Miss AcaciaFloor Rope and ImpactLooking for a fun way to incorporate rope into your impact play? Or maybe impact play into your rope? Whichever way you swing this class is bringing the two together. Rope doesn’t always need to lead to suspension and sometimes you may just want a little assistance keeping your target in place. This class will cover several ties that leave certain areas of a body open for optimal impact while restricting movement, we will also discuss several ways to add rope to increase sensation or add a touch of breath play. This is the perfect class for people new to both rope and impact, or for the people with more experience in one or the other. No prior knowledge is needed. floorworkHands OnAll levelsLooking for a fun way to incorporate rope into your impact play? Or maybe impact play into your rope? Whichever way you swing this class is bringing the two together. Rope doesn’t always need to lead to suspension and sometimes you may just want a little assistance keeping your target in place. This class will cover several ties that leave certain areas of a body open for optimal impact while restricting movement, we will also discuss several ways to add rope to increase sensation or add a touch of breath play.
Worldsokayestropebunny and GentleebrutalFourth Class TBDpendingsuspensionHands On
Miss AcaciaFrictions and KnotsWhether you’re ready to move beyond single columns, looking for a better understanding of what you’re tying, or want a refresher course... this class is for you. Frictions and knots serve many purposes and some fit certain needs better than others. In this class we will explore the purpose and function of many of the frictions and knots we use in our ties including half hitches, munters, full turns, L-frictions and half moons. floorworkHands OnFundamentalsBring 3-4 pieces of rope 25-30 feet in length at minimum and more that is what is appropriate for your tying partner's body or favorite chair.
TypeAtypical & BunnyBightsFundamentals of Hangers & UplinesUplines are perhaps the most fundamental aspect of suspension bondage—without them you’re probably not getting off the ground. In this tie-along class, we’ll examine myriad ways to connect uplines to different types of harnesses, discussing where each is appropriate. From there, we’ll discuss running and securing the uplines themselves to different styles of hard point. Finally, we’ll discuss various ways to burn your excess uplines, or use them to further enhance your scenes (if time permits).SuspensionHands-onIntermediate/ AdvancedThis class is appropriate for both partnered and self-tie participants. The ties and mechanics we’ll be using apply equally well to both full and partial suspension, so a “readiness to suspend” is not strictly required to get the most out of this class. The class does move quickly, however, so a strong grasp of fundamentals is necessary. Participants should bring enough rope to tie harnesses of their choice on their partners or themselves, uplines they feel comfortable with, and suspension hardware such as carabiners, straps, rings, rigging plates, and the like.
Jake Wing and Sleepless SirenGags and Blindfolds. Sensuality and SafetyGags: Restrict speech, the most effective method to communicate.
Blindfolds: Remove sight, the most important sense.
Control your partner for their pleasure and yours. Jake and River will discuss safety and methods, from mild to wild, of adding these forms of sensual control to your bag of tricks.
floorworkhands-onFundamentalsBring rope, scarves, tape. Whatever you have. Creativity is encouraged.
Jake Wing and Sleepless SirenGunslingers and their CousinsWaist harnesses are useful for both ground work and suspensions. Jake will teach the gunslinger harness, then several variations. suspensionhands-onBeginner/Intermediate5 or 6 lengths of rope to tie the harnesses. Suspension gear and experience if you would like to try to load them. This is NOT a "how to do a suspension" class and the focus is on the harnesses.
Sarah SloaneHitting the Hot Spots: G-Spot & Prostate Play For EveryoneProstates and G-Spots have a lot in common - they're similar in function, they are found in similar ways, they respond to similar sensations, and for many people, stimulating these spots can create longer, stronger, and even multiple orgasms. Join us at this multi-gender, all-body class to talk about how to not just find & stimulate our hot spots, but how we can tap into the body/mind connection to explore different kinds of orgasms, including multiple orgasms & full body orgasms!discussiondiscussionAll LevelsBring yourself, your partners, and your fantasies for a fun night that will leave you ready to go home and get creative! Individuals and partners of all identities, orientations, expressions, and skill levels are welcome!
Sarah SloaneHow To Score This Weekend – Finding, impressing, and playing with new people at your first kink eventYou've invested a bunch of money in coming to an event; chances are that you’re not here just to learn techniques! Come join us at a brief walk through the schedule of a kink event – what to expect, how to meet people, how to choose classes & events that you’ll enjoy, and how to navigate the basic etiquette of both play and social space. We’ll also cover some ideas to help you avoid event drop, con crud, and the other hazards of a playful weekend.discussiondiscussionAll Levels
Worldsokayestropebunny and GentleebrutalIntense Floor RopeIn this class, we will explore different ways to have an intense floorwork scene. This class will feature some sadistic aspects to the ties as well as stressful body positions.floorworkHands OnAll LevelsPrerequisites:
You will need to know a non-collapsing single column tie and have good communication skills and body awareness as a tying pair. If you would like to try some of these moves out, please bring a blanket or other floor covering. You will need to be comfortable tying on the floor for this class.
MxBlissJiffy Kink Speed Friending and Play FinderJiffy Kink is a facilitated and low pressure way for kinksters and perverts to meet new friends and potential play partners. The mission of Jiffy Kink is simple: multiply joy by helping attendees make new kinky connections. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet several dozen folks and answer a few questions in a low stakes, high-engagement environment. MxBliss will help attendees come out of their shell in a low-stakes speed dating game.Workshop/ActivityWorkshop/ActivityAll Levels
Blk_Diamond and His_AmiraLow-Hanging FruitSometimes two inches from the ground is way worse than two feet in the air. This class will focus on a partial suspension sequence that would challenge both rigger and bottom for endurance and timing.
Blk_Diamond will guild the riggers in this sequence while His_amira will give the bottoms tips on how to sustain the strenuous pose.
partial suspensionHands OnIntermediate/ AdvancedRiggers have a solid working knowledge of a suspendable chest harness, single and double column ties, uplines and lock-offs. Tying pair should have significant suspension experience and communication skills. You will need at least 6 to 8 hanks of rope suitable for suspension and a suspension ring or large carabiner.
Worldsokayestropebunny and GentleebrutalM and M Box TieThe first part of class will be teaching the pattern of the m and m box tie. For the second part of class, everyone will get to go up in the box tie and try it out. We will talk about the differences of the m and m box tie and traditional box ties.

suspensionHands OnIntermediate/AdvancedPrerequisites:
In order to participate in this class, you will need to have some experience tying other box ties and know a basic understanding of the concepts of box ties. This is not a "how to do a suspension class". You will need to be proficient with uplines and lock offs and have suspension experience before this class and have good communication skills as a tying pair as well as body awareness. Please bring your regular suspension gear to this class - you will need rope, safety shears, carabiners and/or a rigging plate. Anyone is able to watch, learn and audit this class.
Worldsokayestropebunny and GentleebrutalMermaid Tie TwistThe Mermaid tie is beautiful and wonderful tie. We put a little twist into it to make it more versatile and the ability to have more transitions.suspensionHands OnAdvancedPrerequisites:
In order to participate in this class, you will already need to know a back loading chest harness, half leg tie, as well as upline management and lock offs. This is not a "how to do a suspension class". You will need to be proficient and have suspension experience before this class and have good communication skills as a tying pair as well as body awareness. Please bring your regular suspension gear to this class - you will need rope, safety shears, carabiners and/or a rigging plate. Anyone is able to watch, learn and audit this class.
StrangerFriendMinimalistic Sadistic RopeSadomasochistic rope doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. Your "hurty" tool of choice should enhance the experience for you and your partner, and shouldn't require you slow you down. This class covers various quick, minimalistic ways to cause pain using rope as a tool, with the intention of using rope techniques that won't distract you from your sadomasochistic goals. No previous rope experience needed.floorworkaskFundamentals
Shay TizianoMitigate: Risk awareness for bondageLet's be big geeky nerds about bondage risk! If discussing the nuances of concepts like risk homeostasis, perception gap, risk compensation, and the dilution effect sounds fascinating, you’ll be in the right place. This class opens with a dive into the science of risk evaluation (spoiler alert: we suck at it, but can learn to be better), followed by an overview of some bondage-specific hazards, from rope breaks to nerve injury to vector forces. It also includes an entertaining and perilous demo designed to highlight some, ah, potential growth opportunities, as a tool to enhance your ability to assess your partner’s safety and expertise. Rather than promoting “one true way,” Shay will encourage you to develop your individual risk tolerance profile, “budget” your risk, and improve your ability to know what you don’t know.discussiondiscussionFundamentalsPre-reqs: No bondage experience is required. Folks interested in all aspects of rope (tying, being tied, self-tying, etc) are welcome to attend.
Supplies: A writing utensil.
MagnoliaMonday Yoga - Digest and RestYou have learned all the things . Now give back to your body so you can digest and assimilate the skills. Slow movement and nervous system repair can help you recover and be at your best before we send you back to real life.floorworkparticipationAll LevelsBring a yoga mat or blanket with you
Chingon Cuerdas and SybilMono-Block MeltdownUtilizing the Mono-block (aka Basket Tie) we will explore a progressive suspension sequence with this double column based tie as the core component. We will play with both its versatility and potential for strenuous applications.suspensionHands OnIntermediate / AdvancedRequirements: Anyone can watch/audit. To participate, please bring 8-12 natural fiber ropes 25-30 ft. in length or more if you use more in tying your usual harnesses and uplines and suspension equipment such as a ring or climbing grade carabiners. You will need to know a non-collapsing single and double column cuff, a solid suspension worthy TK or chest harness that can be lifted from multiple points, and a good understanding of tension for tying. Bottoms must be able to effectively communicate to their tops for any adjustments during suspension. Both tops and bottoms must have some suspension experience
MxBlissPanel Discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In KinkJoin us for a conversation about how to make kink spaces, events, and interactions more inclusive. We will address issues such as: 1) how to recruit diverse leaders/educators in your communities, 2) what you can do as an ally to make kink spaces more welcoming, 3) understanding cultural appropriation in BDSM, 4) reconciling BDSM and racism (and potentially problematic terminology in our community), and 5) power exchange vis-a-vis systemic power imbalances. [Depending on panelists, we may even cover such topics as race play, body positivity, neurodiversity, accessibility, and fetishization.] Panel DiscussiondiscussionAll Levels
Miss AcaciaPENDINGdiscussiondiscussion
StrangerFriendpendingcoming soon - it's knot quite ready yet
TypeAtypical & BunnyBightsPendingIt's Knot Quite Ready YetSuspensionHands-on
Shay TizianoPick Your Path: Introduction to Suspension TransitionsPatterns, schmatterns…let’s talk about the reasoning behind different transition choices, and build your ability to create unique sequences! This class is intended for folks who are just starting to work through transitions in suspension, and is self- or partnered-suspension friendly. To begin, the instructors will bring the class along on the process to collaboratively create a demonstration transition sequence, discussing the “decision points” and pros and cons of different selections. Participants will then tie (or be tied in, or both) a suspension-worthy chest and leg harness—the instructors will quickly guide you through tying a leg ladder harness, or you can tie your personal favorite. Within an outline, participants will pick their paths through partial and full suspension sequences.suspensionhands-onIntermediate/ AdvancedPre-requisites:
• Tyers: The ability to independently self-tie a suspension-worthy chest harness, hip harness, and secure hanger and upline configuration.
• Flyers: Ability to recognize and communicate physical and emotional concerns while in rope. Experience with being in partials and at least two suspension positions (such as face-up, face-down, side, and/or inversion).
• Self-suspenders: All the requirements for both tyers and flyers, with specific experience in a self-suspension context.
• Everyone: Knowledge of suspension safety basics. Risk awareness and self-knowledge to participate at a level that is safe(r) for you.
Supplies: A basic suspension kit. Rated uplines highly recommended.
MidoriPornoGamiMidori’s little artist corner - make cranes out of old porn magazines!
She’ll show you how to fold them.
The cranes will be collected into a large sculpture over the weekend
Workshop/ ActivityWorkshop/ ActivityAll Levels
MsElaineQuilling - Beyond the PrickEver been curious about pokey things beyond needles? Do we have a treat for you; porcupine quills. In this class, we will discuss details about using porcupine quills for jabs. The class will include safety concerns, how to acquire quills, and techniques for play. Wrapping up with a demo, Q&A, giveaways, and if time allows class participation.DiscussionDiscussion, potential Hands-onAll Levels
Tempo and Miss VyeRope and Dance MixerWe rotate partners on a social dance floor because it makes us better dancers.” a Boise country dance instructor. If you are looking for a partner(s) for classes or play, this is where you want to be. Come dance with your peers who are also looking for partners in this rope speed dating event. All genders, roles, and relationship styles welcome.floorworkSpecial Event / MixerAll LevelsBring your rope, your enthusiasm and an open mind for meeting new friends.
MidoriRope Bondage: Midori’s Speed & Flow Drills* Prerequisites for ALL this class: At minimum ALL participants and attendees must know a two-column tie.
* Requirements
All active participants will be taking turns casting and receiving
All active participants must know at least a two column tie - even if you’re still not at all confident in it.

Whether you're an expert or have only taken one rope bondage class, Midori returns with a class to help to make your rope play more confident, smoother and intuitive.

This class concentrates on a method of an essential structured drill set to build fluid, effective and graceful motion in tying. Great flow and speed skills add to dynamic scenes with powerful emotional and play potential, increase confidence, and allow for more intuitive creative process and connection with your partner.

Throughout the class, Midori will help attendees with skill growth. Each exercise has purpose and philosophy behind it to deepen your play, whether you cast or receive rope, or enjoy all sides of the rope in your private play.

Everyone is expected to do the exercises. This will enhance your personal play. This class requires basic knowledge of two-column ties.
floorworkHands OnIntermediate/AdvancedBring:
- Several ropes of varying lengths, 15' to 20' lengths might be a good place to start. More the merrier. Bring lots of ropes!
- Remember your safety scissors too!
- Two sets of blindfolds
- Ground covering if you like
- Open mind, willingness to learn, willingness to be challenged, and an adventurous attitude
MagnoliaRope Bottoming 101So you saw rope pics on Fet and you really would like to try it. Whether you have a large rope community in your area or none at all, where do you start and what do you do?
This class is for individuals that are interested in rope and want more information about how to do it in a safe manner or for individuals that have some experience in rope but want even more info about anatomy, Safety, and Negotiations.
No rigger needed and all experience levels are welcome!
discussiondiscussionFundamentalsBring notetaking materials if desired
Blk_Diamond and His_AmiraRope for the Budding SadistSo you want to make your bottom cry? Come learn some fast and functional ways to torture your bottom safely. Blk_Diamond is a sadist who loves getting big reactions from his bottoms. Come learn his favorite ties that can turn any scene into one of loving torture.partial suspensionHands OnFundamentalsMust have a solid working knowledge of single and double column ties. 4 to 6 hanks of rope, suspension ring or large carabiner.
Tempo and Miss VyeRope Foundations (ROPE 101)In a house-building analogy, when you build a house you always start with a foundation. The wonderful thing about foundations in rope is that you use it every time you pick up rope. This class starts with a lecture on rope vocabulary, materials, basic anatomy and physiology, and safety concerns. The class then moves into a hands-on workshop with what Tempo calls “HOLMS”, the five knots that Tempo uses in all his scenes.floorworkLecture/Workshop with some hands-onFundamentalsStudents are encouraged to bring a safe cutting device and at least one (1) piece rope at least 15-30 ft long. Also suggested is a mat or blanket for sitting on the floor.
Chingon Cuerdas and SybilRope Handling and Body Mechanics: Floorwork FlowRope handling is one of the most important aspects of tying one can invest in. It allows us to move with ease, tie confidently, and stay engaged with our partners rather than fiddling with our rope. This hands-on class will include various exercises to improve the ways we move our rope and our bodies. Using tips and tricks learned over the years about how bodies move and how to utilize them to our advantage in the flow of a rope scene.floorworkHands OnAll LevelsRequirements: please bring 3-5 natural fiber ropes 25-30 ft in length. You will need to know how to tie a non-collapsing single column cuff
Chingon Cuerdas and SybilRope Handling and Body Mechanics: Perilous PartialsThis class will cater to those who wish to begin introducing gravity into their play. Partials can be a new element to expand creativity in your scene. Concepts will be introduced for developing logics for poses and on-the-fly thinking needed before entering suspension. We’ll discuss how attachment points on ties can affect angles and stresses on the body as well as quick, efficient, and safe(r) upline management. Depending on time we will go through 1-2 predicament partial sequences.partial suspensionHands OnIntermediateRequirements: to participate, please please bring 8-12 natural fiber ropes 25-30 ft in length or more if you normally use more in tying your harnesses and uplines and suspension equipment such as a ring or climbing grade carabiners. You will need to know already a non-collapsing single column cuff, a solid suspension worthy TK or chest harness that can be lifted from multiple points, and a good understanding of tension for tying in order to participate. Bottoms must be able to effectively communicate to their tops for any adjustments during the class. Both tops and bottoms must have solid floorwork fundamentals skills as well.
MagnoliaSaturday Yoga - Slow FlowPrep your body for all the Ropecraft has to offer. Slow movement to open your mind and get your body ready for all the skills that our presenters want to show you .floorworkparticipationAll LevelsBring a yoga mat or blanket with you
Toga and AnjelStep 1: Buy Rope, Step 2: ????So you have an interest in rope, but have no clue where to begin? Whether you’re looking for basic bondage for the bedroom, or your goals are more lofty, this is where to start. In this class we will focus on the basics of rope bondage. Toga will start with basic terms and skills to build upon, including column ties and a simple chest harness. He will cover some basic safety knowledge for both tops and bottoms.floorworkHands OnFundamentalsPlease complete step 1: buy rope OR borrow some.
MagnoliaSunday Yoga - Mindful MovementMovement specifically for rope.
Open shoulders and hydrated hips for standing and sitting all day. Just kidding, Rope is physical for the Rigger and person being tied. These movements can help prepare for anyone for any scene. Bring a hank of rope with you.
floorworkparticipationAll LevelsBring a hank of rope with you and a yoga mat or blanket if desired
TypeAtypical & BunnyBightsSuspension Has its Ups and DownsSuspension bondage is an immensely varied discipline, and the paths we take up into and down from the air can drastically alter the tone and character of our scenes. In this class, we’ll discuss multiple ways both into and out of the air, both from a micro-level mechanics perspective as well as from a macro-level scene dynamics perspective. We’ll also examine how differences in energy, orientation, and position can lead to completely different scenes while using the same methods to get up and down. This class will combine demonstration and discussion with time set aside for participants to get into the air and try some of the methods and techniques discussed.

This class is appropriate for participants who have at least some level of suspension experience, or at the least a strong understanding of partials and uplines. It will be generally focused on partnered tying.
SuspensionHands-onIntermediate/ AdvancedThis class is appropriate for participants who have at least some level of suspension experience, or at the least a strong understanding of partials and uplines. It will be generally focused on partnered tying. Participants who wish to tie should bring enough rope to tie their desired harnesses, as well as uplines they trust, and appropriate suspension hardware (carabiners, straps, rings, rigging plates, and the like).
MxBlissSuspension of Disbelief: plastic wrap suspensionAre you interested in suspension but aren’t yet confident about rope safety? Do you like the look of meat wrapped in plastic at the grocery store and wish your lovely bottom was similarly wrapped? Are you tired of topping/bottoming for the same ol’ rope suspension scene and wonder ‘hey, what’s next for me?!?’ Want to take your mummification game to the next level? Come learn the whimsical and sexy AF art of plastic wrap suspension. In this hands on workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to help suspend one of the demo bottoms while learning practical skills in case you ever need to work in a warehouse and wrap palettes. We’ll go over safety, material choices, and you’ll walk out with the know how to go top/bottom for your own suspension!Lecture/WorkshopLecture/WorkshopAll Levels
MidoriThe Exquisite Whip PART 1: Hands-on Flogging TrainingImprove your flogging skills! Whether you’re a total novice or already confident with the whip, there’s plenty for you in this unique and very active class.
Enjoy drills on techniques to deliver powerful, effective sensations without top-fatigue. Sharpen your finesse and precision to create the desired sensual, sexual and emotional effects.
You’ll learn how to select the best flogger for your style and body type.
floorworkHands OnAll LevelsBring your floggers. More the merrier! If you don’t have any, there may be a few to try out. Midori shares with you a uniquely connected “California” style of whip use.
If you want to learn to flog in high heels, or other specialized footwear, bring them.
No need to bring a target person or a practice partner.
MsElaineThe Predicament Pondering PanelPondering in progress - it's knot quite ready yetPanelDemo, DiscussionAll LevelsBring your curiosity and creativity
TypeAtypical & BunnyBightsThe Widow HarnessThe Widow Harness is a suspendable, highly sustainable arms-front chest harness that works amazingly well for a large variety of body types and flexibility levels. In this class we’ll tie through the tie together and discuss the various elements of the tie including elements of the tie, attachment and suspension applications, and nerve and safety issues. At the end of the class, those who feel comfortable with their work will have the opportunity to test it in the air.SuspensionHands-onIntermediate/ AdvancedThis class is for participants with a solid grasp on their fundamentals that can already tie a solid chest harness. The ability to suspend is not required for this class—there are plenty of ground/partial suspension applications of this harness. Participants will need two-to-three full lengths of 8m/30ft rope, and potentially a half or shorter for finishing. Students will also need a scarf or tenugui 36”-45” in length. Participants that wish to test their harness in the air should bring appropriate suspension hardware and uplines.
Skyla and RedKnotsTorturing Cocks for the Fun of ItReady to get more of a reaction than a “happy knot” gets? CBT (cock and ball torture) is a fantastic way to explore uses for paracord, knives, and even sounds with very emotive body parts. In this workshop various techniques will be demonstrated for use on consenting cocks. Attendees will have the option to tie-along with paracord or to simply watch the demo. This class is suitable for folks that self-tie or have a partner that has a cock that needs torturing.
floorworkparticipationAll levelsPlease bring paracord rope with you if you planning on tying along (various lengths). If you plan on taking your pants off, you must bring something to sit on that does not belong to the hotel. This class is for everyone. A basic understanding of tension is helpful but not required.
Shay TizianoTying & Flying: Beginning Self-SuspensionSelf-suspension can be used for dynamic movement, exploring intense sensation, performance, learning partnered bondage, ritual, and more. After a discussion of general principles and safety considerations specific to self-suspension, participants will tie a chest and hip harness, practice support line skills, and be guided through a basic face-up self suspension, with a possible transition to an inversion and introduction to some in-air variations.suspensionhands-onFundamentalsPre-requisites: This class is intended as a "101" level introduction to self-suspension. Attendees should have extensive experience with tying on the ground (as both a top and bottom, and/or self-tying), and be very comfortable with non-cinching single column ties. In order to self-suspend in class, participants should have body & risk awareness to participate at a level that is safe(r) for them.
Supplies: A basic self-suspension kit, including two uplines (POSH is highly recommended). At least four suspension-worthy carabiners and a suspension ring or rigging plate, OR at least six carabiners if you don’t have a rigging plate or ring. There may be some supplies available to borrow – please contact Shay with any questions.