Cynna and Yumyumpanda


Cynna is a small-town girl who moved to the city and found a new life through kink. She’s a rope bunny turned rigger with a passion for breaking body barriers in and out of kink. With a focus on body positivity and plus size advocacy, she focuses her practice on tying all body shapes, sizes, and disabilities. Based in Austin, Tx, she leads Hitchin’ Bitches Austin, presents and performs locally, and travels to teach nationally. From bottoming, self-tying, to topping, she works to modify traditional shibari elements for those who were told they can’t. Cynna incorporates her body positivity into her leadership, teaching, and everyday life.


“Put a Bow On It: Upline Management and Rope Handling” with Cynna @ Williamson 1/2 (Downstairs)
Oct 5 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
“Put a Bow On It: Upline Management and Rope Handling” with Cynna @ Williamson 1/2 (Downstairs)

Someone once told me, “Suspension is dangerous because it is easy”. We all know the basics of a pully system, but knowing the proper hangers, lock offs, and rope handling is a game changer. This class will cover hangers, locking off from the top and bottom, quick releases, and cleaning up excess rope. We will take a look into each important breakdown to create a smooth tie for tops and bottoms. This class is a great introduction for new riggers and a refreshing reminder for those familiar with suspension.

“Strong Enough” with Cynna and Worldsokayestropebunny @ Williamson 1/2 (Downstairs)
Oct 5 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

(Made Just For Ropecraft!)
Body size should never be a prerequisite when it comes to rope, whether you are a top or a bottom. This class will provide strategies for tops smaller than their bottoms on how to create a supportive tie and how to lift their bottom without posing any injury to themselves. WORopeBunny will explain how to accommodate ties for bigger bodies and what they can do to support Cynna throughout a suspension. As they start to take Cynna in the air, they will go over ways on how to maneuver up-lines to keep their bodies safe and neutral to avoid any injuries. Cynna will talk though how she processes the difficult tie and engages to help her tops any way she can.
After the demonstration the class will have the opportunity to lab this tie and work together to make tying bigger bodies more accessible.

Both riggers and bottoms should be experienced in suspension and be able to communicate through ties, know a suspension worthy chest harness, preferably a TK, have at least 8-12 pieces of rope, and have safety tools