Lower body harnesses are foundational for many suspensions…or make great handles for bedroom bondage! After a discussion of basics like wrap placement and risk awareness, Shay will survey the class and attendees will vote for the ties they most want to learn. Based on popular demand (and perhaps a bit of cajoling to choose her favorites), ties covered may include a swiss seat, drum harness, woven hip harness, three-column-tie hip harness, gunslinger, mermaid tie, leg ladder harness, futomomo, and the elegantly named Butt Rainbow Thigh Tie of Doom.

All the ties shown in this class are suspension-worthy; Shay will demonstrate attaching hangers and using them for suspension, and participants with adequate experience can get airborne as well. Attendees are also welcome to come and stick with floorwork, as the majority of the class will focus on the harnesses themselves. Self-tyers welcome. Teaching Assistant: Miss DC

Prerequisites: Intermediate skill level – This class is appropriate for folks from an intermediate floor work level to experienced suspension.  To tie along with the harnesses, experience with non-collapsing single-column ties and basic risk and body awareness for bondage is required. To suspend in class, upline management skills and experience is required.

Format: tie-along (auditors of all skill levels welcome)

Materials: For harnesses, 2 x ~30′ and 2 x ~15′ lengths, nylon/jute/hemp/cotton are all OK. 6mm diameter preferred, 5mm or 8mm also acceptable. For suspension (optional), your basic suspension kit (including at least one ~30′ upline). Safety cutting tool.


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