October 26, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

ShesANatural and Conroy have condensed their BOTTOMING IN ROPE 101, 201, 301, 401 and MODELING IN ROPE CLASS SERIES for this Essentials in Rope Bottoming Class.

This class is focused for and with rope bottoms.

The information shared in this class will cover from the beginning, all the way to dynamic transition suspension.


an introduction to rope bottoming,
vetting your possible rope play partner,
negotiation suggestions,
preparing to be in rope mentally and physically,
some insight to good pain and bad pain,
communicating in rope,
weight distribution,
adjustment and management
so you can stay in control of your own body
even when you are tied up,

all the way to little tips and tricks of muscle control and body positioning when going through transitions while in suspension.

Of course, everyone’s rope journey is different and there is not one twue way to be a rope bottom, but ShesANatural and Conroy will share things that they have learned through the experience of tying together and with others for nearly 4500 hours of being in rope or having rope in their hands.

If times allows, the final demo is a dynamic transition sequence where ShesANatural and Conroy ask you to come right up and get involved, asking questions throughout about what is happening, how it feels, what ShesANatural is doing to stay in control and process for sustainability. Afterwards attendees can try the same sequence or they can work together with their partner on a tie or a position that they find the most difficult so that ShesANatural can offer some suggestions on finding more success.

Tying pairs are invited to attend and tie together.

A non-collapsing single column tie, a suspendable chest harness, a suspendable hip harness, a suspendable futomomo, upline management and secure tie offs are helpful. If you cannot tie all of these pre-requisite ties, we invite to attend and tie to your skill level and then make sure that you have a notebook and pen so that you can take notes on those things that may help you along as your rope journey advances.

Solo attendees are invited to attend and audit the class. Ties and upline proficiency will be assessed by the presenters prior to allowing suspensions for the safety of attendees.

Please bring

a barrier for use between you and the floor.

a water bottle for hydration

your notebook and pen.

If you are attending with the intention of suspension, please bring

at least 8 hanks of suspension rated rope,

at least 4 weight rated climbing carabiners

and if you have one, a shibari ring.

All uplines will go to carabiners for the safety of attendees.


Please keep in mind that the information that is being shared is focused for and with rope bottoms. Presenters will not be teaching patterned ties, nor upline management nor proper tie offs. If your ties and uplines do not fall within the risk profile of the presenters to allow you to suspend, please know that they will ask you to sit out that particular portion.

Tickets are available only to registered event attendees at: http://shesanaturalintensive.bpt.me