ROPECRAFT Homebound Halloween Classes and Events

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Class/EventPresenter/HostDescriptionMaterials and AudienceKeywords
101: Foundations of Ropewith MsReemah and LavenderBeginning your rope journey? Or just want to learn about rope bondage? This is the class for you! Appropriate for newbies and first-timers. This class is also helpful for those who want to troubleshoot any issues and/or just talk about rope.?This is a hands on workshop, that will walk you through the basics of rope bondage.This class is appropriate for rope beginners, both tops and bottoms! To tie along, you will need two hanks of (any) rope. Foundations, Troubleshooting, Tops, Bottoms, Tie-along, 101, floorwork
Ain't Nothing But a Chicken Wing (Sadistic Partials)with Alicia and Bryan T-CornPartials are often overlooked in the bondage scene but we think they can create some of the most interactive, mean, and playful scenes. Using some of our favorite simple ties, like the chicken wing, we will walk you through various different partial suspension set ups to turn up the “Ouch!” And make your bottom exclaim “Fuck you!” In which you can simply response…”What? It ain’t nothing but a chicken wing!”This class is for rope bottoms and tops that know basic safety knowledge and feel comfortable with partial suspensions. They should bring a playful attitude and something to take notes.mean rope, partial suspension, suspension, intermediate, advanced
Auntie Midori's Tips for New Topswith MidoriComing Soon - it's Knot Quite Ready Yet101, beginner, all levels, tops, emotional intent
Distinctly Emotional: Creating Dynamic Sceneswith SirKnottyDanAre you or your partner stuck doing the same thing every time you tie?

Are you lacking creativity and inspiration? Stuck in a rut?

Do you want to know the SECRET to taking your partner on a journey, how to create intimacy, excitement, and adventure that makes them weak in the knees and longing for more?

This class is about creating a scene that doesn't just put rope on a body, it shows you how to think about all of the elements that create a dynamic scene. We will break down the SEVEN PILLARS of SCENE DEVELOPMENT and give you detailed information on what each part entails.

We will discuss how to use one of the most overlooked tools in your toolbox, one that most people fail to see. This tool can help you to interact with your partner, increase intimacy and really convey to your partner that you are in charge.

Additionally, we will break down the contrasting emotions that can be invoked during a tie and how to know you are delivering the goods.
No previous skills or knowledge are necessary to enjoy this class. It is for anyone who wants to create dynamic scenes with emotional intention and is for both tops and bottoms. Bring a notepad and a writing implement. There will be a lot of content shared in a very short amount of time.scenes, emotional intent, planning, connection, play
Exposure and Closurewith Lief and IcarusHave you looked at a photo of a person exposed in rope? Have you wanted to get someone to that vulnerable spot or how it must feel like to be that vulnerable? In this class we will explore the physical and psychological ins and outs of exposure rope on the ground. How to tie exposing rope, how can we create these spaces of trust, and how can we begin to open up to more intense scenes of exposure. And once we have taken someone apart, how do we put them back together? In this class we will also discuss ways of aftercare and healing for exposure rope.Materials needed: Rope - 8 to 12 hanks of jute or hemp. Please do not bring any suspension gear, this intensive will be all floor work. Jute is the best for working with clothes and hemp as a close second. You can use synthetic fiber ropes however, I cannot vouch for how it will hold with clothing. Clothes - Costume changes will be encouraged as we explore exposure during the intensive. Please have nearby anything like shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, blazers,or lingerie that you can part with if ripped or cut. Accessories such as shoes, scarves, bandanas, panty hose, etc. are welcome too. The more you bring, the more we can play with. Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. We will be checking at the beginning of class to make sure everyone has one. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises. DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITHOUT THIS. This class will have demo and tie-along portions. You'll need to know at least one non-collapsing single column tie, a structural body harness, and some general rope safety knowledgeexposure, play, vulnerability, connection, emotional intent, floorwork
Finding Rope Partners and Negotiating Playwith Pepper_PotsHave you ever wanted to ask someone to play, but weren’t sure how? Or maybe you aren’t sure how to ask for what you want out of a scene. In this class, Pepper will discuss approaching new people for play, and how to negotiate a scene once you get there! We will talk about things that are important to cover in negotiation, a format for negotiations that covers your bases, and the extremely important concept of saying and hearing no gracefully. This class will be a mixture of lecture and discussionThis class is for everyone, but particularly people newer to rope! You don't need to bring anything special but notetaking materials may be, negotiation, collaboration, 101,
Flow, Tensions and Lockoffswith LubegirlLooking for ways to work on your rope flow? Having issues with keeping your synthetics in line, in place, and locked off? Come learn some drills and tips that may help clean up your techniques and strengthen your skill set. Students should be able to do a single column and both natural and Synthetic ropes are welcome in this class. .This class is for folks of all levels. Students who want to tie these ties will need 3+ hanks of rope and a cutting tool. You might get some use out of a hardpoint but most of this class is enjoyed on the floor!floorwork, suspension, lockoffs, flow, tension, 101, all levels
From Rope to Photos: Knotty Photography for Beginnerswith MolecularFrom Rope to Photos is for anyone who would like to get into shibari photography or improve their rope photography skills. The class covers three main topic areas: 1) Safety, consent, and agreement issues specific to rope photography. 2) Photographic and lighting equipment selection and use. 3) Photographic techniques for shibari itself.

The class is suitable for riggers who also want to take photographs, as well as photographers who want to capture others’ rope work. The class will cover some topics specific to working with rope models, but it is also suitable for those who just want to photograph their partners.

This is a beginner/intermediate class for those who want to either get into or step up their photography game.
This is a class for folks who want to photograph people in rope, whether they are just a photographer, or a rigger as well. Just bring yourself and any questions you might have!photography, 101,
Grounded-floor ropewith WorldsOkayestRopeBunny and GentLeeBrutalWe will show how to use one rope to create an intimate, connective tie. We will also show ways to manipulate the body on the floor with multiple ropes.Please bring 3 to 5 hanks of rope and cutting tool. This class is for everyone! People tying will need to know a single column tie (any non-collapsing one will do) and people in rope will need to have good body rope, floorwork, emotional intent, connection, tie-along
Jiffy Kink Speed Datingwith MxBlissComing Soon!connection, support, emotional intent, play,
Jiffy Kink Speed Meetingwith MxBlissComing Soon!connection, support, emotional intent, play,
Jiffy Kink Support Circlewith MxBlissComing Soon!connection, support, emotional intent, play,
Make It Hurt More: Pressure Points and Ropewith MsReemah and LavenderIn this class we will discuss (and show) you the pressure points throughout the body, which can be used in conjunction with rope play. You can use thumb, knuckle, knee, and/or anything else to poke, prod, and pinch safely.This class is for tops and bottoms and is appropriate for all levels. In order to tie along, it is necessary to know how to do a single column and basic chest harness. This class is best enjoyed on a rug or mat and will use at least two hanks of rope. mean rope, sadism, pressure points, floorwork, all levels, beginners, 101, intermediate, advanced, tie-along
More Than Just Adding Rope: Rope Bondage & Suspension for Bigger Bodieswith Alicia and Bryan T-CornIn this class I will share my experiences being tied and self- tying while being a bigger bodied bottom. I will share tricks and modifications to ties and suspensions to increase safety, functionality, and comfort no matter your size, physical ability, or mobility. I will also be sharing a hip harness I created called the Curvy Booty Basket that will demonstrate many of these modifications.This class is for folks of all shapes and sizes, both rope bottoms and tops of any level. Folks should bring enough rope to tie a hip harness if they want to tie along with that portion of the classall levels, floorwork, suspension, tops, bottoms
PANIC At The Dungeon!with monoamorous_slutUp to 40%* of the population will have at least 1 panic attack during their lives. That’s almost half. Which means when you play, you’re likely to be playing with panic at some point. Maybe that’s a desired outcome, in which case, let me tell you about a few quick ways to bring one on. If it’s an undesirable outcome, let’s talk about how to handle that in an informed & dignified way.This class is for anyone really because you may be a bottom who tends to panic or a top tying a bottom who panics or self-tier who finds themselves panicking in the midst of a rope pretzel. Technical rope skills don't matter in this class, just your interest in the subject matter! Bring your favorite method of taking notes (though slides & handouts will be available post-class too). Fidgets, including rope, are welcome.101, beginners, all levels, emotional intent, emergency management
Single column suspension demowith WorldsOkayestRopeBunny and GentLeeBrutalWe will show single column ties for suspension and best practices for each suspension shape and transition. We will discuss the ties before and after the demo.We suggest everyone bring something to write with and on. This is an advanced class. People tying will need to know a single column tie, good upline management, and good rope handling skills. People in rope need to have been suspended before, have a good understanding of minimalist rope suspension, and good body awareness and communication.advanced, suspension, all levels, single column ties
So You Have A Hardpoint: Upline Managementwith CTWThis class covers the foundations of using a hardpoint in your rope play, including modified single columns, double bights, lock-offs, and planning ahead. Chairs, not bodies, are tied in this class. Participants do not need to be at suspension level.This is an Intermediate level class. Participants will need 1-2 standard lengths of rope, access to a hardpoint, and a chair or weighted bag to lift. Participants should know a non-collapsing single column but do not need to be at suspension level.suspension, 101, upline management, beginners, all levels, tie-along
Stuffie Bondagewith CuteLightHeartRemember playing with toys as a child and going on fantastical adventures? You can do that as a kinkster with rope bondage!

Join Light Heart as she discusses her hidden specialty: STUFFIE BONDAGE. Light will discuss consent and pretend negotiations with your stuffies. She will also discuss what kind of string to use that has similar feel to actual rope. Different stuffies that are good for different ties (harnesses, hog ties, etc.). How to untie stuffies. Play scenarios so you can pretend and practice for doing rope with other folks!
Notepad and an open mindlittles, stuffies, 101, tie-along
The Concept of Playwith Lief and IcarusRope is hard. Rope makes our brains think so much. We focus so much on the tie that we forget how to be playful in rope. We get caught up in patterns and structure that we forget about discovery and collaboration. In this class we will learn rope all over again. No rules. Like a preschooler with a box of crayons we are going to color outside the lines. We are going to explore ways to incorporate play back into our rope so that we can connect our partners in the moments. And bottoms we will learn to to influence that fun and collaborate with our partners to tie our bodies in new and exciting ways. After leaving this class rope will make you smile rather than make you frustrated.
Materials needed: Rope -at least 4 hanks of rope, material doesn’t matter. Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. We will be checking at the beginning of class to make sure everyone has one. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises. DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITHOUT THIS. In order to get the most out of this class and tie-along, you'll need to know a non-collapsing single column tie or two! play, connection, tie-along
The Flow Erotic Cabaret: Homebound Halloween Editionwith Shay TizianoFlow Erotic across space and time! Our entirely live online cabaret features hedonistic homebound performances by talented folks from all over!
The Homebound Halloween Meet and Greetwith Ozma of OzIf you're new here, welcome to ROPECRAFT Homebound! If you're not, join us in saying hello to some new friends and listen in a second time as Ozma shares the fate of folks who are 155 years too late on taking down their confederate flags....
The first fifteen minutes of this will be basic convention information including event rules and code of conduct, digital etiquette, technical tips and some class and special event details!
After that, those of us who would like to chat with some of their fellow con-goers will have a chance to do so at our virtual Meet and Greet. Conversations will be quick and light and a warm-up for the weeks ahead! This was a ton of fun when we did it before and it's hosted on the same platform that we'll be using for Jiffy Kink Speed dating so if you're curious about trying it, this is a great spot!
This event is for everyone! Bring yourself and a reliable-ish internet connection
The Jiffy Kink Halloween Play Partywith MxBlissComing Soon!connection, support, emotional intent, play,
Title Pending - It's Knot Quite Ready Yetwith monoamorous_slut and ScarabComing soon!
Willow's Bombproof Hip Harnesswith WillowWillow's signature hip harness is fast, easy to tie, and is designed to be comfortable on a wide range of bodies. It can be used for suspension in any position and is extremely resilient when used in transitions. Some have said this is the last hip harness you’ll ever need!

The class will include several demos of this harness to show its effectiveness in both simple and advanced suspensions. Willow will cover the best places to attach uplines and suggested modifications to better fit the harness to the bottom. Those with prior suspension experience are welcome to play with this versatile harness off the ground.
3 hanks of ~30' rope. This class is for tops, switches and self-tiers. There is no specific experience needed to tie the hip harness taught in this class, but those with prior suspension experience may want to have access to a hard point to try it out after! hip harness, suspension, beginner, all levels