Lexa Grace & Lake Pup


Lexa Grace is a weirdo rope switch, tattoo artist from Austin, Tx who fell in love with rope around 2 years ago. After being tied, she quickly picked up the skill of tying and once again found herself at home working and creating art with her hands. Lexa has learned from both local and international teachers and has also become a leader in the Austin community officially assuming a leadership role with Austin Rope Slingers. You can find her regularly teaching classes, intensives and/or performing. Come join this silly sadistic lady for a class or say hello on her Instagram @IAmLexaGrace .

Classes and Events

Low suspensions and partials for body handling
Oct 27 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Low suspensions and partials for body handling

In this class Lexa teaches the skills needed to perform low suspensions and partial suspensions without the need for a TK or complicated patterns. These suspensions and partials will be done in a way to avoid most major nerve bundles to minimize risk and allow for more movement in the rope. Students should have a basic understanding of non-collapsible single and double column ties.

Class Type: Tie-along suspension
Participation: Pairs or groups