Linworth started her general kink career in the cornfields of Ohio in 2007, and four years later fell into the world of rope. Maniacally hooked, just one year after that she threw herself into the deep end by driving to Toronto for a weekend of performing at Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza. Since then she has appeared in that exhibition as well as others, attended the first NARIX in 2014 with a 2017 follow-up, and moved to the “big city” of Columbus where she is based as an international organizer, presenter, and performer.

Always up for a challenge, her favorite forms of rope physically test her endurance and flexibility, as well as the mind and spirit of herself and her tying partner. She views rope as both an art form and a science, and is constantly marveling in all of the possibilities it presents. Performance continues to be a great drive in what she does, having a personal background in the arts. She is continuously dreaming up playlists, sets, and costumes.

While most of her experience is in bottoming self-suspending, she is avidly studying tying others to gain a more holistic view of rope skills. One of her biggest goals in rope is to help spread the knowledge she’s picked up along the way, as well as grow alongside others in order to further education and community.

Classes and Events

The Power of Mind/Body in Rope @ Williamson 3
Oct 28 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
The Power of Mind/Body in Rope @ Williamson 3

Body and mental self-awareness are key things to have in your top and bottom skill set, and they might be a little more intertwined than you’d think. Sometimes tapping into deep headspace isn’t just about letting go of emotional noise, but mindfully willing your body to work with you to reach that state too. Additionally, managing a tie isn’t just about engaging a certain muscle group to shift weight or align for optimal movement – it’s about training the mind to identify the issue in the first place, and using the power of mind/body in tandem to get the experience you want to have. This class will cover exercises, ranging from mindfulness and somatics to psychophysiology, to build body awareness in and out of rope. And perhaps more importantly, teach us how to respect the interconnectedness of mind and body so we can use that intrinsic strength to reach our rope happy place.

Note: this class is best experienced with a tying companion with experience in partial suspensions. Those without partials experience or a tying companion are welcome to audit.

Class Type: Tie-along partial suspension
Participation: Solo