-magnolia- is a former ballerina and now turned yogi and yoga instructor has 15 years of experience as a massage therapist and esthetician. She has over 2 years of rope bottoming experience and has performed with her Rope top Gentleebrutal at several events throughout the U.S.Events including Ropecraft New Orleans and Chicago , Vox Body Studio in Oakland ,ca and the BARE booth at the Folsom street Fair.

-Magnolia- also runs a group for Rope Bottoms called BOA (rope Bottoms of Austin ) in Austin , Texas. Drawing from her anatomy and movement knowledge she has developed a bottoming philosophy that is unique.Through this body awareness she feels like she can hold stressful ties longer and push positions that she was not able to do before


“Rope Bottoming 101” with Magnolia @ High Tech Hall (Upstairs)
Oct 5 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
“Rope Bottoming 101” with Magnolia @ High Tech Hall (Upstairs)

So you saw rope pics on Fet and you really would like to try it . Whether you have a large rope community in your area or none at all ,where do you start or what do you do? This class is for individuals that are interested in rope , but want more information about how to do it in a safe manner. Or individuals that have some experience in rope but want even more info about anatomy , Safety, and Negotiations.No top needed but tops and bottoms are welcome!


1- about me :)
2- questions to ask yourself
A-where are the rope groups
B-what kind of experience
C-what are your boundaries
D-take it slow
a- nerve placement
b- wrist drop
B-flexibility and body placement
a-compression vs tension
C-risk profile
D- what to do if you panic
D-picking a rigger
4-Negotiations (open discussion)
B-Define sexual contact clearly
C-pain vs no pain, spinning vs no spin, marks no mark
D -safewords and signals (going non verbal)
F-other points from the crowd
I know there are many other points in the negotiations (why I did open discussion)
5- aftercare and dealing with drop( open discussion)

5- what is an appropriate first rope experience ( open discussion)
6- Questions from the attendees