Miss_Acacia has been actively pursuing the intricacies and beauty of rope as an art form since 2014. With an appreciation for the beauty of symmetry and the details of bondage, her path to rope suspension was a natural progression. When possible, she approaches each new tie through self-suspension first, “If I am willing to put another person in a suspension, I should know, generally, what it feels like for myself.” She believes in focusing on the fundamentals in order to understand not just the “how,” but the “why” behind the structure of each tie. For her, “Rope should not be about memorization of a preexisting tie, but about knowing why it’s a stable tie, what makes it safe, and why people use it in certain circumstances.” Her ongoing development centers around the de-construction and re-construction of the innovative concepts demonstrated by our community, the integration of the artistry of rope with other passions, and the exploration of new ideas with a disciplined and methodical approach.