Naiia is a masochistic switch who has been in the public BDSM life for about eleven years. She started out in rope and while it continues to be something she loves her path seems to be leading her toward D/s and Leather. Naiia also has been starting to teach about the importance of addressing how age, injury, and mental health play a part in what it is we do.

As Graydancer’s serva she has been demo bottom, local host, personal assistant, on-call courtesan, co-presenter and presenter to that list. Naiia has worked at events such as Shibaricon, DO Fusion, DO Surrender, DO SummerCamp, MadTownKinkFest, Ropecraft, BED, TesFest, Iowa Rope Intensive, Iowa D/s Intensive,  SINergy and many GRUEs. Naiia also co-presented and performed with Graydancer at Power Exchange Summit 2014  and Twisted Windows June 2016.

Classes and Events

Knotty Naughty Bits with Graydancer and Naiia
May 26 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Knotty Naughty Bits with Graydancer and Naiia

“Rope for sex” doesn’t always mean positions – some people like to include rope directly on the genitals. This class will be a hands-on tie-along demo as Graydancer and Naiia show several techniques for tying rope on cocks, balls, vulvas, and asses for pleasure, pain, or whatever your consensual kink desires.

Diving Deeper: Mindful Rope Play with Shakti Bliss and Naiia
May 26 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Diving Deeper: Mindful Rope Play with Shakti Bliss and Naiia

Naiia and Shakti Bliss will combine their knowledge and personal practice of mindfulness to take you on a journey of enhancing your connection and energetic exchange during rope play and scenes. In this class we will discuss and experiment with how mindfulness practices, meditation and linking your breath to movement can affect your play. Some of this class will involve partnered activities but it is not necessary to have a partner to attend this class.