Raised in the womb of Colorado’s mountain majesties, Nil is a non-binary, queer witch and curator of spiritual-sexual synchrony.

Nil is of both the earth and the celestial, carved from the rigid geometry of crystal formations, and cradles in the craters of the moon.

They are consecrated as one with the mystic and the erotic, interweaving the sacred into practice and play, and are a proud purveyor of all things creepy and curious.

Nil first found love in the natural fibers of a well spun rope while at Girl Scout camp, and they’ve been tying ever since. Always a crystal in one hand and a rope in the other, Nil regards kink as the ultimate artistic catharsis and uses their craft to banish gender, fracture binaries, and conjure queerness to challenge the norm.

As an advocate for infiltrating the kink community with radical expressions of gender identity, Nil endeavors to surge the presence of queer and non-normative bodies in kink culture. Nil is currently pursuing a PhD and believes in the erotic power of knowledge. Whether in a group workshop or one on one exchange, Nil will arm you with their arsenal of BDSM geek-ery.

By daylight, Nil works as a Sex Therapist and University Professor. They host workshops and curate performances about queer inclusivity, working with energy and magic in play, and modifying rope work for queer and trans bodies.

Nil will spellbind you with their enigmatic presence, and enchant you with their mischievous charm.

Classes and Events

Exit Strategies: Intentional Untying with Nil and Switch
May 25 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Exit Strategies: Intentional Untying with Nil and Switch

Your scene doesn’t end when the up lines come down. Scene dynamic can and should be sustained until the last rope is removed from your bottom’s skin. It’s all in the details, and this class will walk you through strategies for keeping your scene strong until the last moments. We’ll explore how sustained rope tension is an articulation of sadistic intention, demonstrate how to maintain contact within the scene and create seamless transitions into aftercare, and discuss how these skills empower both top and bottom to maintain their respective headspaces. With this approach, the climax of the scene becomes the release from rope and not the re-engagement with gravity, which re-emphasizes rope as the implement of power exchange.

Format: partnered tie-along

Materials: at least three hanks of rope of the material of your choice

Knotty Queers with Nil and Swytch
May 25 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Knotty Queers with Nil and Swytch

Too often, queer and trans bodies don’t fit within the aesthetic expectations laid out by the glossy pages of popular rope manuals. Further, common Shibari and Western ties aren’t always physiologically suitable for queer bodies. This workshop offers queer alternatives for some common ties that work more efficiently on bodies that don’t reside within the gender binary. Discussion surrounding increasing queer advocacy and shattering gender stereotypes in rope will be interwoven throughout.

Format: this class is a tie-along for queer-identified individuals

Materials: 3 or more Hanks of rope of choice

Between a Rock & a Hard Place with Nil and Swytch
May 26 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Between a Rock & a Hard Place with Nil and Swytch

Crystals have been used as allies for energy work and self-healing for centuries. With their highly charged energetic properties, crystals can also add an intense spiritual dynamic to any rope scene.

Explore how to negotiate scenes to increase energetic intimacy, how rocks can be critical to the sadistic rigger’s toolbox, and how to incorporate crystals specifically into a ground rope or rope suspension scene.

Participants will receive general knowledge about the properties of some commonly used crystals as well as basic skills for using their properties in sexy and energetically responsible ways.