The Queer Space is hosted by Resa Amnesia, and here are the guidelines they’ve created. Exact Time, Date, and Location TBD – watch this space!

Welcome to the Ropecraft Queer Space!

This will be a space exclusively for folks who identify as LGBTQIA+, gender nonconforming/fluid, nonbinary, or any other sort of queer. The partners of queer people are welcome when accompanied by their partners. Come in, and queer up, and be sure to respect the responsibilities you have as players in this space!

Respect other people’s preferences and play

Anyone in this space identifies somewhere under the label Queer *. If they’re playing here, they belong here.

Respect other people’s identities

People will have pronouns listed on their badge (or might not, if they so choose). Use the pronouns displayed or given to you otherwise.

Best practices in informed/enthusiastic consent are required

There are resources (Consent Rocks) here to help with complex or intense negotiations, and will be available in the dungeon. Please use them if you plan to use consensual non-consent, TPE, safe words, etc. Consent isn’t simple, but it’s required for play.

Dungeon Monitors will be around

They will only intervene in a scene where they perceive a players safety to be at risk or when requested. Please respect that they have the final say in play spaces.

Use the gear

Enjoy the gear! If there are safety questions, feel free to ask a DM.

Bodily Fluids

Bodily fluids happen in scenes – please keep them off the play spaces, carpets, walls, ceilings, bystanders, etc. Spills should be dealt with – please ask for help ASAP if there is an emergency or porous surface that has blood on it. No piss, shit, or vomit in the play space. Barriers are recommended and available if your scene may end in tears, cum, or ahem other types of fluids. Chucks and other safer sex supplies are present in all play spaces; please use them to protect our space from fluids.

Golden Rules

  • Respect other people’s scenes.
  • Don’t set up to have screaming death matches next to someone having a serene and intimate scene.
  • Don’t invade or intrude upon other people’s space.
  • Avoid eye contact, and impinging on other people’s spaces unless you have prior negotiated consent with all parties involved.

Power Dynamics

Different people have different dynamics – be respectful of them. Some people are brats, some people are switches, some people have serious D/s dynamics. They don’t need your input as to how they choose to play or engage. Similarly, do not engage with people in a dynamic that you have not negotiated. Be respectful, please. Your protocols are not someone else’s.

Be Responsible

You are responsible for your physical and mental state – please play at the level appropriate to your state of mind/body.

If you can agree to follow the rules and responsibilities listed, enjoy and savor the fun times you’re bound to have!

* If you are not Queer, or LGBTQIA+, please do not play in this part of the dungeon. This is meant to be a supportive space. Thank you!