Join us for the bondage conference that is “Knot-for everyone.”

Top, bottom, and switch education with Western, kinbaku, shibari & other styles in an inclusive sex-positive social(ly distanced) space!

Ropecraft Homebound is our effort to help bring folks together in the lonely times created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our goal is to create global space for education and community and ties that bind.

Last Fall, we hosted these fine folks as presenters and event hosts

Stay tuned to see who is coming to see us next. Our official class and event lineup goes live September 1st!

Alicia and Bryan T-Corn
Jake Wing
Kim Lee
Lief and Icarus
Madame Butterfly
Mistress Elliot
Monoamorous_Slut and Scarab
MsReemah and Lavender
Pepper Pots
WorldsOkayestRopeBunny and GentLeeBrutal

The Fine Print of Ropecraft Homebound

Ropecraft Homebound is our annual online event! Grown out of missing our friends during lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, we quickly realized that this format could reach more people than our in-person gatherings ever could so we decided to keep it. For this event, our nominal ticket fee covers honorariums for the talented folks sharing their skills with us and supports our event costs during these uncertain times. The majority of the funds generated by our event go towards honorariums for the folks involved in it and boring stuff like the costs of our website and storing our equipment for better times ahead. For attendees, we offer regular price, sponsor/supporter and financial hardship ticket options to try to cover as many types of situations as possible. Because of our low pricing structure and the ability to reach across long distances, our first Homebound event was the most inclusive and accessible event we have ever hosted.

We welcome consenting adults (age 18+ in the United States, 18+ or your legal age of consent if you live somewhere it is higher than 18) of all backgrounds, ethnicities, interests and abilities who can support our event code of conduct. Neurodivergent folks are welcome! 

A limited number of sponsored tickets are available specifically for Black or Indigenous People of Color through a donation fund started by several of our presenters from our recent event as well as the Kink Activist’s Support Fund Organization and continued by our event’s resources as we grow into the future. If you need one, just email There is no invasive application process or statement of need necessary.